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I attended a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program (GS10KSB),
what’s the difference between that program and Surge & Grow™ ?

The GS10KSB program is a 13 week program that focuses on business fundamentals, such as learning how to read a balance sheet and acquiring bank loans.  The average attendee generates about $800,000 of revenue, attendees limited to CEO/Owner.


Surge & Grow™ was developed for  scaling and growth oriented business. Our businesses are facing “growth issues” such as process challenges, leadership team training and ensuring profitable growth. Program is designed for CEO’s and/or their teams, and Revenue ranges are significantly higher than GS10KSB.

See Program page for details 

As a CEO, I have attended business training in the past–but my team
really needs some educational training-can they attend a program without me? 

Yes. The Surge and Grow  the Webinars and Workshops, are designed for the C-Suite. We often have senior management teams attend without their CEO’s. Conversely, we sometimes have CEOs attend alone and then they send their senior staff to another offering. See program page for list of attendees.

Program Page

Surge and Grow™ is a combination of “on-line” and face to face
learning-how does that work? 

This program is designed to both maximize the attendees time out of the office, and provide flexibility as they operate their business. The first two weeks of the class are live, online webinars, where participants can access the class from their office, home or even on the road.

The second part of the program occurs in an intense 3 day workshop. In these sessions, attendees have access to top entrepreneurial educators and successful practitioners. Participants work on their own personal business challenges, with their financials, and their team dynamics. They also learn from a peer group of successful executives. 

After the face to face program, attendees return home to work on an Action Plan-a step by step plan to help break through a scaling barrier. The plan is presented to your peer group to “keep you accountable”. Afterwards, one on one consulting (on your site if possible) is conducted with a professional to help you implement your goals.

Scale Smarter Partners says they provide advising “throughout”
my business journey — how does that work?

Once you graduate from one of our programs, you are an alumni and we have programs to help you continue on your journey. For example, Surge Alumni continue to participate in live “webinars” on topics such as hiring talent, leadership, and market disruption. Webinar sizes are limited to 35 participants to ensure teams have quality time to share with their peer group and experts.

Our clients also use our advisory services as they acquire new businesses and grow.

Do I have to be a graduate of the GS10KSB program to participate
in your programs or workshops? 

No. You must meet our minimum revenue requirements, and be willing to invest your time in our programs.

Does Scale Smarter Partners ever work one on one with a company
or CEO? 

Yes. Often, after a company attends one of our programs, we are asked to help in an advisory capacity with strategic issues. Please email victoria@scalesmarterpartners.com 

The services look very interesting, but I would like to talk to a
past participant-can I do this? 

Yes. These programs are an investment of your valuable time and resources. Read our testimonials, and we are also happy to provide alumni references for your industry or geographic area. Email us at info@scalesmarterpartners.com.