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Surge Circles: Reflect, Reimagine and Ignite 2021

A program to help your business IGNITE 2021

Surge Circles give business leaders the economic insights, practical tools, vetted peer network and our trusted expert advisors to grow in this dynamic environment.

Facilitated by our expert SSP team, we provide exclusive interactive discussions, webinars, strategic and financial reviews to ensure that you and your team have the resources and strength to scale in 2021. Participants reflect on current trends, reimagine opportunities and ignite and implement their strategies for growth.

Scale Accelerator

Strategic Support for CEO/Founders

Our commitment to your success goes beyond our programs. Often CEO's ask for strategic guidance and financial reviews above our SURGE &GROW program. Common requests include:

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting Offsite's (Virtual and Traditional), Succession planning for Family Businesses, and Advisory Services. Our experienced faculty and former CEO advisors CEOs input, ideas, and strategy to reach the next stage of growth.

Surge 2.0

Lead, grow, and adapt to the changing business environment. Deep dive with experts into the fundamentals for adapting and scaling in the new and unprecedented business climate.  

Surge and Grow

Transform your “founder’s mentality” to an accelerated growth mindset. Join our prestigious faculty to build a custom plan to surge past challenges and successfully scale your business.

Profit Secrets of High Growth Companies
Postponed date to be determined
Verona Villa, 6591 Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034

Healthy sales growth? What about PROFIT? Join Babson College faculty Les Charm and Victoria Sassine for an interactive presentation focused on your numbers and your business. You'll walk away with insights about your business and how to optimize and maximize profit as you are scaling.

Preparing for the Downturn: Uncertain Times Ahead
Postponed date to be determined

Hosted by Janice Jucker, Federico Cavatore, and Ibrahim Firat

Preparing for a Downturn, Conversation with Les Charm
November 7, 2019 5 PM MST, November 13, 2019 5 Pm MST

Join Les Charm and have a conversation about preparing for a downturn.

Your customers have changed—have you?
Tuesday, November 10th, 4 PM MDT & Wednesday, November 18th 10AM MDT

2020 has been a catalyst for change. It has changed how customers work with you, what they expect from you and how they will engage with you in the future. In this webinar we will explore what has changed forever, what you must do, and how you can create your customer innovation roadmap to help navigate the unknowns. Please join Cyd Tetro, nationally recognized thought leader on transforming customer experience, during our interactive webinar.

How to prosper in uncertain times
Dates January 19th 2pm EST & January 21st 6pm EST

No matter what 2021 brings, we have practical hands on tools for your business to seize opportunities and increase your cash position. Join Les Charm, recipient of the Appel Award for Entrepreneurship, for an interactive and thought-provoking webinar.

Covid Act 2: Reaching More Customers and Deepening Relationships
Thursday March 25, 2021 1 PM EST & Tuesday March 30, 2021 5PM EST

Companies and consumers have moved from shock to response. Covid created some new responses, but more often it put on hyperdrive the trends that were already in motion. Join Doug Harrison, former CEO of Harrison Group /YouGOV, Fortune 100 Brand Strategist and International Author, in his interactive workshop. Learn  some of the biggest movements and how that might impact your business.